Maple Ridge Archery

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I have attend 6 other Canada Cups and this was the best run of them all. The field is first class. The Judges great. for the most part you did not even know they were there. To me that means they are doing a good job because the shoot is not about the Judges. how ever they kept the shoot running on time with in the rules and safely. Can`t ask for more.

Garry Hornsberger

In my eyes the event was terrific. Well run and a wonderful venue.

 Sandy Watson


For me to find anything about this event that wasn’t perfect would be difficult.

Walking the empty field in the evening made me realise how much work went into this event and to critise any of this effort would be seriously tacky.

 But, knowing the relationship most women have with the washroom I can see where another one at the opposite end, or in the middle, would be appreciated by them.

Registering from the comfort of my living room and receiving personal prompting from the Tournament Organiser…how could it have been any easier?

Being a serious carnivore I could find nothing wrong with the menu. Maybe there were some vegans there, but they didn’t have to put meat on their lettuce and tomato sandwich.

The judges immediately answered every one of my dumb questions with a serious, accurate and patient answer. They were great.

The venue is beautiful and serene. Even the house in the background seems to fit in.

 Bill Laughlin


The event was so organized and well thought out! Very well planned, timing was excellent, location was excellent, very clean and extremely beautiful!

Loved, loved, loved the organization!

Wifi on location was a huge bonus and definitely something to try to keep for the next event! 

ABSOLUTLY one of the MOST organized shoots I have been too!!! Very impressed and enjoyed all of it!!!


Darby Dean

The location is amazing, the targets and judges excellent. This was one of the best shoots I have been too.

Elaine Johnson

because I think it was a really well run tournament.

I just wanted to thank you and all involved for organizing the tourney.

I know they are a ton of work to set up and are very time consuming for all volunteers.

Please pass on my thanks.

Mark Nasi