Maple Ridge Archery Club

Founded in 1955

The Club is a Not-for-Profit Organization registered under the BC Societies Act.
The purpose of the Club is to encourage membership, organize tournaments and encourage participation at all levels.

Maple Ridge Archery history

One of our founding members, Marge Saunders (1913-2010), at the age of 59, went on to compete for Canada in the 1972 Olympics! This photo was taken on the practice field in Munich, Germany.

Marge only started her involvement in archery at the age of 42, shooting, competing and developing the Junior Olympian Program that is still followed today. She retired from coaching at the age of 92, after 50 years of involvement with the Club.

Some of her artifacts are on display in the Haney House Museum.

Marge was a diverse athlete and an adventurer. Read this article, published in the Maple Ridge News, Aug 14, 2012.