Job Descriptions: Board of Directors

Club President:


  • Run meetings
  •  Host one monthly meeting per year
  •  Maintain agenda to run on schedule so meetings finish on time
  •  One of the signing officers on the bank account
  •  Help maintain an enjoyable experience for all members
  • To help out with anything else that may need doing as your time allows

Time required per month to attend meetings is apprx. 2 hrs

Vice President


  •  Take over meetings and make decisions if the President isn't available.



  • Keep minutes of meetings
  • Issue notices fro AGM + board meetings
  • Keep records of the Society
  • Conduct correspondence as necessary
  • File the annual report of the Society

Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors is made up of the following 7 positions:

      • President
      • Vice-President
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer
      • Membership Director
      • JOP Coordinator
      • Director at Large
The first 4 positions are 2-year terms with the President and Secretary being elected in even numbered years and the Vice-President and Treasurer in odd-numbered years.

The remaining 3 positions are 1-year terms.



  •  Pick up mail at the Post Office Box ( 2-4 times per month)
  •  If there are BCAA membership cards in the mail box take them to the Membership Director at the next archery night
  •  Pay  any invoices or bills the club has, including reimbursing any purchases made by another board member for the club (usually 2-3 per month)
  •  Maintain the petty cash fund (replenished once or twice per year)
  •  Collect any money or cheques from the Membership Director, Tournament Director etc.
  •  Make all bank deposits (usually 1-2 per month)
  •  Keep a record of all cheques written and all bank deposits then balance the chequing account and savings account to the bank statement (20 mins per month)
  •  Print month end reports and prepare them to email to the other board members or print copies of this month end report to present to the board at the next  monthly         board meeting   (20 mins per month)      
  •  Mail any BC Archery dues paid by our club members and brought into club nights
  • Attend monthly board meetings
  •  Host one monthly board meeting per year
  •  Prepare and print the year end treasurers report for the Annual General Meeting. (2-3 hours)
  •  Prepare a year end letter for the AGM include any relevant financial information and whether or not you will continue on as Treasurer
  •  Total average per month is 3 hours

Membership Director


  •  Maintain a current membership list
  •  Attend regular monthly meetings
  •  Collect membership forms and fees for MRAC and BC Archery Association.  Ensuring all memberships are current
  •  Collect drop in fees, holding the cash and or cheques until it can be given to the Treasurer
  •  Send out email notifications to club members
  •  Check and answer emails sent to the club
  •  Maintain a waitlist for prospective new members
  •  Take attendance on club nights, recording it in the log book
  •  Volunteer time at archery tournaments, plus community events, e.g. Pitt Meadows Day
  •  Arrange "try it nights" coordinating with coach availability, dates and collection of all fees
  • Volunteer to help out with other club activities throughout the year
  • Time requirement throughout the year is minimal. 

JOP Co-ordinator


  • Record in a spreadsheet JOP club members scorecard if they have meet the level and place scorecards in the back of the club record formprint spreadsheet and post on Thursdays and Sundays so the members know what level they are working towardsif they have meet a level record scorecard total in the JOP binder under the members name
  • Once they have meet the level amount twice record it on the Achievement Form
  • Email Achievement form to Mary Ostermeier at the end of each month
  •  Once you receive the JOP Achievement awards from Mary Ostermeier you will hand them out during JOP club nights Thursday
  • Keep JOP club record form up to date with new members
  • If a JOP club member has reached Olympian level have them fill out the Olympian form Equipment Data sheet once filled out from the member email a copy to Mary Ostermeier for her records
  • JOP Regionals run in Feb after the JOP Regionals fill in the Regional Form and email a copy to Mary Ostermeier
  • During the winter months starting in Oct and ending in Feb record all JOP members’ scorecards that are shooting on a 40cm target. Highest score for each month is recorded on the JOP mail match form and emailed to Mary Ostermeier
  • Archery Canada Mail match which runs from January 1 to March 31 this mail match this is open to all club members there is a cost attached to it. Hand out AC Scorecards to all members that have paid one scorecard weekly is submitted. At the end of each month email scorecard totals to an AC representative. At the end of the Mail match once you receive the medals, hand them out during Thursday club night.
  • AC mail match cards can be used to meet and JOP Achievement levels in the JOP book
  • Once we have moved outdoors it is up to the JOP club members to hand in any score cards from any outdoor tournaments. They only have to meet the level with one scorecard if it is a tournament. At the end of each outdoor month fill in and send Achievement Forms to Mary Ostermeier.
  • When you receive outdoor awards hand them out during JOP outdoor night
  • Attend monthly archery meetings
  • Approximately 1 hour weekly needed

Director at Large


  •  Attend and participate in monthly board meetings
  •  Attend and help out where possible at club nights
  •  Help with tournaments when possible throughout the year, and help with special projects
  • Time required about 3 hours per month

Expectations of Board Members

  • All board members are required and expected to attend and participate in monthly board meetings. The board need minimum numbers in order to vote and

     and pass any new business. All board members are expected to attend a minimum of 75% of the monthly meetings for the year

  •   All board members are expected to have a report prepared for the monthly

    board meeting giving a brief summary of their activities since the previous meeting.  This report will become part of the minutes for the meeting

  •  All board members are asked to host one monthly board meeting per year.
  •  All board members will let the secretary know, whether or not you will be attending the meeting 
  •  If a board member fails to attend 3 consecutive monthly board meetings, a vote will be taken to vacate that members position
  •  All board members are required to have a written statement prepared in advance for the AGM. This is a summary of what you have done for the past year and also will include whether or not you will be seeking another year in your current position.
  • The time required to attend the monthly board meetings is about 2 hours per month.  The meetings are not held during summer months in order to accommodate holidays etc so the meetings average out to about 8 times per year.

Other positions, not on the Executive Board.
To be held by other volunteers or duties distributed among Board members:

Tournament Chair


  •  Attend the Maple Ridge field users meeting to make sure we can still get Selvey Park for our practise and tournament range
  •  Book the outdoor field and indoor facilities for shooting, book tournaments (local, Provincial, National and International Outdoor events as well as indoor events making

       sure not to overlap with other clubs on same day wanting same tournaments)

  •  Making bids for these tournaments with either Provincial (PSO) or National Sport Organization (NSO)
  •  Registering these events with POS or NSO
  •  Submitting the dates to Al Wills to be put on his calendar of events
  •  Organizing Judges for these events that we put on
  •  Collection of money for registration of archers, have non BCAA members sign a separate registration book for insurance purposes
  •  Help set up of both indoor and outdoor shoots
  • After all outdoor shoots enter the scores to Archery Canada for each archer for their National Ranking Scores
  •  Attend most if not all of the monthly meetings
  •  Help organize a concession for a fund raiser at our bigger shots (PNAA, Provincials)
  •  Amount of time us usually averaged around 5 to 10 hours a month at most

Club Equipment Chair


  •  Inspect and oversee the maintenance/repair of MRAC equipment including:
    • Butts
    •  Butt stands
    •  Bag stops
    •  Bows
    •  Bow stands
    •  Arrows
    •  3-D animals and stands
    •  Tournament kit ( butt numbers, distance makers, timing system etc)
    •  Storage containers
    •  Nets
  •  Keep adequate stock of consumable items required for club use and repair of club equipment
    • targets
    • Stock to repair club arrows (fletches, points, nocks, etc
  •  Provide an annual equipment inventory of the indoor and outdoor venues
  •  Provide a report for the AGM summarizing the current states of MRAC equipment
  •  Provide Board meeting reports regarding any budgeting requirements to replace or maintain club equipment
  • Attend monthly meetings

3D Chair


  •  Set up the course for the Turkey Shoot
  • Canvasses for door prizes for Turkey Shoot 
  • Recruit volunteers to sets up and take down the Turkey Shoot course
  • Recruit volunteers to help with the running of the Turkey Shoot including registration,  run the line, concession
  •  Send out reminders at other shoots 
  •  Put up Turkey Shoot posters to advertise the shoot
  •  Coordinate work parties to repair, maintain and upkeep 3D animals when required
  •  Attend and participate in monthly meetings
  •   Host one monthly meeting per year 

Volunteer to help out with other club activities throughout the year

 Time requirement throughout the year is minimal. 

Promotions Chair


  •  Promote the club in the community by calling and emailing store managers, companies, or agencies to donate promotional item (prizes) for the JOP shoots, using

     official archery letterhead on the promotional letter

  • Prizes are then held and given to the club
  •  Help manage promotional activities to promote the club, the sport of archery, and BCAA events, at the community level
  •  Work with other members to solicit newsletter items of interest from member of the club
  •  Keep list of donors on file and write or email thank you cards to the companies

Publicity Chair


  • Keep club website current
  •  Attend and participate in monthly board meetings to get any new information to include on the website
  •  Help out and participate with other club activities throughout the year
  •  Keep track of when the website and club domain name need to be renewed and paid for

Time required for the website about 1 hour per month

JOP Athlete Representative


  •  Attend club night and be available for junior members that may have any questions or concerns they want raised at the next monthly board meeting
  •  Maintain an email account if junior members would rather contact you through email
  •  Attend and participate in monthly board meetings
  •  Time required per month is about 2 hours per month